In my opinion, entrepreneurship as a way of living: you see a problem (in your family, at work, in your city, worldwide) and you try to solve it, if it?s in your power. It does not always guarantee a pleasant life, as most of the time you must step out of your comfort zone, but this is compensated by the good and meaningful life you craft for yourself and for the others. This is what I want to pass on to my students. The rest are details.

During January - May 2022, I was a Fulbright-RAF scholar in the domain of entrepreneurship and entreprenerial studies at University of Rochester, Ain Center for Entrepreneurship. During the scholaship, I activelly participated in the following courses:

I was also an observer at a lecture on Entrepreneurial Finance. Apart from this, I took part in:

The experience acquired will be used in the implementation of the following courses for Computer Science students at West University starting Fall semester 2022:

Check the "business plan" and if you want to "invest" (to be read: "to collaborate"), contact me!

I am also organizing the Entrepreneurship Café and I am involved in the Innovation Labs program.

Entrepreneurship Café

In the midst of the Covid pandemic, the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of West University of Timisoara started on the academic year 2020 - 2021 a series of meetings called Entrepreneurship Café. These aim to be informal meetings that facilitate the learning and practice of entrepreneurship targeted for Computer Science students (and not only). As a bonus, students can make new friends, build new relationships and get inspired.

Meetings are held online on Wednesdays every 2 weeks, usually from 6 PM, except students vacations and exam sessions. We alternate theory meetings with guests (local/national/international entrepreneurs).

To receive news about our meetings or related event, subscribe to our mailing list: entrepreneurship_cafee at e-uvt dot ro.

Our guests:

  1. Andrei Cosmin Munteanu about Timisoara entrepreneurial ecosystem; October 21st, 2020
  2. Silviu-Tudor Serban about Creating AI powered solutions for the greater good; November 18th, 2020
  3. Laurentiu Duta about tazz by emag; December 16th, 2020
  4. Bogdan Butunoi about qToggle and Innovation Labs experience; February 17th, 2021
  5. Victor Baican about Orderro and Innovation Labs experience; February 17th, 2021
  6. Dafina Jeaca about OGOR and Innovation Labs experience; April 14th, 2021 (jointly with Departamental Research Seminar)
  7. Alexandru Lupulescu about Orderro (technical perspective); June 3rd, 2021 (jointly with Software Engeneering Course, 2nd year Bachelor students)
  8. Razvan Boldis from IndexAR about Produsul este gata! Dar piata abia acum se formeaza!?; October 20th, 2021
  9. Andrei Munteanu from Cowork Timisoara about Timisoara Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and CleverEat a local startup allowing to save unsold food from local shops and restaurants so that it does not waste; December 15th, 2021
  10. Professor Duncan Moore, PhD, Vice-provost for Entrepreneurship at University of Rochester about The role of universities in the entrepreneurial ecosystem; March 23rd, 2022 (jointly with Departamental Research Seminar
  11. Daniel Mariniuc, Senior Applied Scientist Manager at Amazon, Site Manager Amazon Timisoara, GM Ring Romania at Amazon, about Ring the Bell; May 7th, 2022
  12. Andreea Rosca, scriitor, jurnalist, fondator "The Vast & the Courious", co-autor "Cei care schimba jocul", about Cum sa gandesti ca un antreprenor. 5 principii pentru a lua decizii; October 6th, 2022 - first face-to-face meeting
  13. Lucian Popescu, CEO of CARTER Smart Home, about The Art of Pitching; January 12th, 2023

Contact: Mădălina ERAŞCU.