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[West University of Timisoara]

Mădălina ERAŞCU
Associate Professor
Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics,
Computer Science Department,

Institute e-Austria Timisoara

Email: madalina dot erascu at e-uvt dot ro
Phone: +40-256-224834
Fax: +40-256-224834
Office: F109
Postal address: Institute e-Austria Timisoara, room 045B
Blvd. V. Parvan 4, 300223 Timisoara, Romania

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I am Associate Professor at West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics, Computer Science Department.

I am also Researcher at Institute e-Austria Timisoara.

Research interests:

  • Formal Methods, in particular Static Software Verification;
  • Automated Theorem Proving, in particular First-Order Theorem Proving;
  • Symbolic Computation, in particular Polynomial Algebra.
with applications in Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Other interests:

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Technology and Education


  • Our research work has been selected in ADRVest Accel, the first accelerator supported by West Regional Development Agency - West RDA. Our goal will be to check the business opportunity of a SaaS solution for the automated planning/deployment of resources for businesses which want to move their component-based applications in the Cloud in order to reduce their costs, time and the faults of the planning/deployment.
  • R&D project funded by UEFISCDI: SAGE combines methods of Satisfiability Checking, Graph Neural Networks and Symbolic Computation for case studies from Cloud Computing and Deep Learning.
  • In the next academic year I will be teaching courses on entrepreneurship:
    • Entrepreneurship Skills (mandatory)
    • Entrepreneurship Skills - practical applications (facultative)
    Their content and format are inspired by those followed at University of Rochester during the Fulbright-RAF scholarship. These are the first courses for Computer Science students in our department and I'm glad they were introduced in the 2nd year of Bachelor studies. They follow the slogan Come and see, so if you want to participate and/or contribute, contact me!
  • We are organizing Entrepreneurship Café also in the academic year 2022-2023. Check Entrepreneurship page for details!