Entrepreneurship Café

In the midst of the Covid pandemic, the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of West University of Timisoara started on the academic year 2020 - 2021 a series of meetings called Entrepreneurship Café. These aim to be informal meetings that facilitate the learning and practice of entrepreneurship targeted for Computer Science students (and not only). As a bonus, students can make new friends, build new relationships and get inspired.

Meetings are held online on Wednesdays every 2 weeks, usually from 6 PM, except students vacations and exam sessions. We alternate theory meetings with guests (local/national/international entrepreneurs).

To receive news about our meetings or related event, subscribe to our mailing list: entrepreneurship underscore cafee at e dash uvt dot ro.

Our guests:

Innovation Labs

I am Innovation Labs ambasador. Innovation Labs is a national program whose purpose is to support students in development of business projects that have a technology component. Contact me for more details!

Reading Group

Research Projects (as PI)


Contact: Mădălina ERAŞCU.